Therefore all true prayer is cyclical in nature. Romans 11:36 says: “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things”. So we know that  Prayer goes from Him, to Him and back to Him. God initiates the prayer; God grants it to men and men return it to God. “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” – Therefore the will is ignited.

There are about 5 different kinds of prayers: (there may be more but let’s look at the following 5)

  • DESPERATION prayers: a new convert or immature persons prayer:” Oh God please help me”. We all pray this kind of prayer periodically. It’s the “get my life in order” type of prayer.
  • DEVOTIONAL prayer: The Lord’s Prayer referred to in Matthew 6: 9-13. Is the type of prayer that will draw us closer to God.
  • INTERCESSORY prayer: there are different kinds: spiritual warfare prayer (like what Cindy Jacobs does); or apostolic prayer (like what Mike Bickle does),
  • MEDITATION prayer: It’s the kind that King David talks about on the Psalms of which he said, “I lay down on my bed and meditate on Your law and Your law consume me”. It’s the kind of prayer to God asking Him to “let me know Your ways”; therefore we begin to understand His ways as He gives us insights.
  • CONTEMPLATIVE prayer: You don’t do this type of prayer; except it’s a prayer you go into. What is called Latido-Divina is meditation prayer: you roam on the Word, you chew the Word; you put your name into the scripture; you read it and can’t negate that it has a special meaning to you right now. It’s a PLACE THAT GOD GRANTS TO YOU; so you can’t get there with your own efforts. A place of timeless state where your body functions as we know them kind of cease to exist; a place of DELIGHT where He makes known to you His desires. A place where you don’t have an agenda and instead you grab hold of His agenda for you. Doesn’t happen all the time but when happen it’s incredible. It’s where you DELIGHT IN GOD – It’s a timeless state! It’s the type of prayer of Madam Guyon; Theresa of Avila; Saint John of the Cross would talk about.


We would like to feature the different ways to pray and feature some Answered Prayer, Declarative Prayer, and Kingdom Prayer.

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