A Prosperous Soul

by Stephen K. De Silva A prosperous soul knows what is bread and what is seed. And over time, their life will reflect this. Bread is better eaten than sown, and seed is better sown than eaten. This idea is obvious when handling a literal loaf or handful of oats, but consider how this works… Continue Reading

God Does More with Less

God Does More with Less – Kingdom Multiplication is about spiritual life, family life, relationships, work,  and finances. Jesus told his disciples, “it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven… some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold, and some one hundred-fold” Matthew 13:11,23 The multiplication anointing in the Kingdom is a mystery that will unlock… Continue Reading

Biblical Meaning of 153

Biblical Meaning of the Number 153 The meaning of the number 153 centers around the New Testament event sometimes referred to as the miraculous catch of many fish (John 21:1 – 11). This amazing miracle was performed by Jesus, after his resurrection from the dead, in his next to last appearance with his eleven disciples… Continue Reading