Placing Blame In the Wrong Place Only Amplifies Our Pain

  “Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.” – Dag Hammarskjold Placing blame in the wrong place only amplifies our pain. If we are going to be mad at anybody, be mad at the devil and not the people who hurt you. The blaming… Continue Reading

You may have been through some disappointments

Whatever scared you has prepared you! You may have been through some disappointments in the past few years but I believe your greatest victories are still in front of you! Everything you have gone through has been preparation for something greater! His Ways are not like our ways. We may have chosen a different path then the… Continue Reading

Living in Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean…

Living in forgiveness doesn’t mean we are to forget our past. Rather, seeing it through the blood of Jesus brings freedom and lifts the burden. – Kris Vallotton I recently went through a very painful situation that cost me more then one could imagine. During this very painful situation this word about “Living in forgiveness…” became more real… Continue Reading

God May Choose to Give Us the Interpretation…

The past couple of days we have been talking about dreams and their interpretation. God may choose to give us the interpretation in one of four ways. He may instantaneously reveal the meaning of your dream or vision through an angel, as God did with Daniel – Daniel 10:10-15 “Now I have come to make you understand what will happen… Continue Reading

Dream Interpretations Come as a Result of …

Interpretations come as a result of an increasing relationship with God.   So yesterday I posted this picture and asked you what you thought it meant in a dream. Lets break it down. We have 7 sharpened red pencils that are all connected and fanned out. The interpretation would depend on the context of the… Continue Reading

A Great Word on Gossip

I am sharing this timely word by Kris Vallotton today because I know first hand how destructive and divisive gossip is! My prayer is that this article blesses you as it has me and stands as a reminder of how powerful your tongue is. “Let’s be real; we’ve all gossiped at some point in our… Continue Reading

Reason and Purpose of Dreams

Have you ever wondered what the reason or purpose of  your dreams were? You see, dreams bypass the resistance of our soul. Our soul is made up of our mind, will and emotions. Dreams come when we are asleep, consequently, they are not restricted by our: reason, demand for logic, or psychological state – including such things… Continue Reading

Dreams: God’s Night Parables

“For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their bed” (Job 33:14-15) Have you ever thought about your dreams and wondered what do they mean? Did you know that you… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Others Get to You

Don’t let others get to you. There will always be those that the Bible refers to as “Job’s friends”.  We all have them in our lives. They always come around and say things that are just not helpful or even appropriate at the time you need them to be encouraging. Stand strong and be courageous in… Continue Reading

God will turn things around for you

When adversity strikes it is often a struggle continuing to abide in the Peace of God. The peace that God offers, is not the absence of adversity, nor is it the end of trials and trouble. The enemy wants to rob you of your peace because he knows how powerful it is when we rest… Continue Reading

Your life is significant

“Our mind is renewed when we see things the way that God sees them.” – Graham Cooke Your life is significant! To understand the amazing love of God can take your entire life. God so loved He gave! Love is the central theme throughout the Bible. Just take a few moments to think about how… Continue Reading

Generosity Brings Prosperity

Sowing and Reaping In Genesis 8:22, God says there will be seed time and harvest as long as the earth remains. These words were spoken to Noah as he looked at the earth completely destroyed by the flood. In other words, God was letting him know he could start over with the seeds in his… Continue Reading

Words by His Servants

I want to share a few words from prophetic voices that we trust in hopes that it will encourage you in your walk this month. Thank you for visiting our website. God bless you! Eric From @RealKim – I just heard the Lord say…. “Unexpected, unexplainable miracles are being released this month!!!” You will have… Continue Reading

He Will Take Away The Sins of the World!

We discover how much God longs for us to know Him as we read and study the scriptures. Jesus is the Living Expression of God, He is The Word! The Word came with skin on as The Perfect Man – The One Divine self-expression and the Fullness of The Glory of God. Jesus was God… Continue Reading

Endurance – Staying Power

A lot of time people will do something because God told them but they will quit when it’s uncomfortable. What happens often, people sign up for responsibilities and as soon as they do, their circumstances or schedule changes and it becomes difficult to do what they signed up to do. Things become inconvenient and we… Continue Reading

Until the time that His word came to pass

God’s man for the crisis was Joseph Hated by his brothers, he was sold into Egypt as a slave. There he was falsely accused by a seductive woman and thrown into prison (Gen_39:20) In verse 18, we have some otherwise unrecorded details concerning his imprisonment: “They hurt his feet with fetters, he was laid in… Continue Reading

Keep Your Focus – Staying Power

We are a people of tremendous promise and destiny. Because of the promise that God has spoken over us we have become a “prisoner of a promise“. We have been captured by this promise and there is nothing that this world has to offer us. We must not get distracted from our destiny and fulfillment of promise!… Continue Reading

Kingdom Abundance

Let’s talk about Kingdom Abundance! by Bill Johnson Abundance (n.): overflowing fullness How can we disciple nations if we do not understand kingdom abundance? – Pastor Bill Johnson In this powerful message, Bill Johnson discusses the power of generosity, being content in all circumstances, carrying the spirit of excellence and investing to increase. Our prayer… Continue Reading

A Life of Abundance

I had the honor, privilege and blessing of being mentored by the late John Paul Jackson. Here is an excerpt of what he taught me on “A Life of Abundance“. God has established spiritual laws (invisible forces) that govern every issue of life. These spiritual laws are unchanging. While our circumstances, relationships, finances, or employment change from… Continue Reading

Catch Any Fish?

Do you remember a time when The Lord asked you a question and you knew perfectly well that the question was asked because you were not following previous instructions?  Did You Catch Any Fish? This is one of “those” questions. According to Luke 24:49, the disciples were told to wait in Jerusalem for the day they… Continue Reading