Jesus is the Model

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you… Psalm 143:8

Kris Vallotton once posted “God is the Artist, Jesus is the model, and you are the painting. Every time you think badly about yourself, you are insulting the Artist and the Model. Demeaning the artwork doesn’t glorify the Artist“.

In our current culture and everything we are exposed to in the media today, thinking badly of ourselves can happen so quickly and before we know it, our thoughts become demeaning.

One of the most interesting spiritual principles involves the principle of focus that simply states:  “Whatever you focus on, you make room for.”

The beauty of this principle is whenever we focus on the light of God, we make room for His light. The more room made for Him, the greater His presence within us, and the better our life becomes.

When our attention shifts to focusing on the dark side, the principle still holds true.  Light diminishes and darkness – as quick as the speed of thought – invades.

All spiritual perceptions, dark or light, begin with just a thought.

We are continually reminded that as we think in our heart, we become.

The Bible instructs us to guard our thoughts, to fasten our minds on Jesus, and to cast down vain imaginations.

Perhaps this principle is the reason why.

In Philippians 4:8 Paul wrote that we are to think on these things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, and virtuous.

Paul goes on to say that he could do all things as he focused his attention on Christ who strengthened him.

Paul had discovered that when he focused his thoughts on Christ and His virtues, he made room for Him.

Simply said, if you want to redeem a darkened imagination, change your focus.

There is only one pure light.

If you shift your gaze to Jesus, He will bring true enlightenment to your world.

Thank God we don’t have to be defined by our history and our past. You have a destiny and you need to live it courageously.

God didn’t breathe His life into you, put seeds of greatness on the inside, to just start the race. He sent you to finish it.

God has something great in your future.

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