If You Have to Keep Pushing Yourself

If You Have to Keep Pushing YourselfIf you have to keep pushing yourself to do something then it is not your purpose. When we put our trust in God, we trust that He is leading us also. I am not saying that we will always like what He is leading us to do at first but when we trust God – He will reveal His Truth in us.

What we say with our mouth is dynamically connected with the measure of faith that grows in our heart. When we consider the mountains and the seas that Jesus spoke about in Mark 11:23 as metaphor, the mountains can refer to kingdoms, and the sea can represent the nations. (for example – the sea of humanity) Faith enables us to lift up and bring with us the “mountain” of God’s kingdom realm when we go into the nations.

So get this truth then!

Jesus has activated His Truth in us so that we can have the active power and authority of the mountain-kingdom of God to take with us and carry it wherever we go.

His Active Power and Authority!

My desire is to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect – life in its fullness until you overflow! John 10:10 TPT

You will have a greater impact this week as you take time each day asking God what to focus on (everything in abundance, more than you expect).

Move in whatever you have permission for and prepare for the next thing God is birthing in you! Then you will see that things will turn around for you. I declare a shift in your circumstances right now in the name of Jesus!

God put you into Jesus so that you can’t escape His Faithfulness because He put you into the One Place that absolutely guarantees it.

Don’t wait until things get better to start thinking positively. With faith, you’ve got to believe it and then you’ll see it.


I have worked successfully with both online and offline companies as an entrepreneur and dot com executive.