Have you ever asked yourself why your choices are so important?

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Today I want to talk about why the choices I make are so important and how they affect the generations to come.

Actually the choices I make today affect how God is or isn’t justified to act on my behalf.

If we are going to get into a place where God is justified, and can act on our behalf; if we are actually going to get to that place where He can do that, we have to make choices that allow Him to do that!
Because if we make the wrong choices, then God cannot take action on our behalf.

We have to make choices that will allow Him to take action on our behalf.
If we make the wrong choices, God CANNOT take action on our behalf until we deal with the sin.


Because it would condom our sin (“I don’t have to quit sinning”).
God cannot act on our behalf until we cleanse our sin!


  • It’s not like we are always going to live a sin-free life, but we can be covered—our sin can be covered as if we had never sinned—because of His blood.
  • We have to take on His Blood and repent.

Now repentance isn’t just remorse.

  • Remorse says, “I got caught, and I am really sorry I got caught” 
  • Repentance says, “I am changing. I am never going to do that again”

Paul defines it, in 1 Corinthians 11, as ‘Godly sorrow’: Not sorrow over being caught, but sorrow the sin we committed.


Why are choices important?

  • Because choices consist of your thoughts
  • Every choice you make starts with a thought
  • You start thinking, and out of that thought you make a choice
  • And those choices lead you on to an actual, eventual pattern of what you can expect to happen in your life

Every action you take begins with a choice:

  • Every choice begins with a thought
  • Every thought begins with an attitude
  • What is our attitude?
  • What is the attitude?

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.

This is what we are talking about!

If you don’t understand that process—what you think in your heart you actually end up becoming—you are going to be exactly where you are today five years from now.


More on the subject of Choices tomorrow…



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