Growing in Character is Often a Painful Process

Growing in character is often a painful process. God puts people in our lives to help mold us. Listening and receiving instruction that feels hurtful is extremely difficult but incredible necessary. Whether or not their perspectives are perfectly accurate doesn’t nullify the process and benefits of humility. It all works out for good in the end. I hate pain but I am determined to grow from it.Kris Vallotton

There are things that impact us from our past which we wish didn’t impact us, but, at the same time, the very things that we wish didn’t impact us actually formed our future.

And so, in our current thinking process, those strange things actually are beneficial to us, at least in the outcome of it.

Joseph going to Egypt, for example: it may not have been the Lord’s will for him to go exactly the way he went, being sold into slavery by his brothers, but it did accomplish the purpose of God in getting Joseph to Egypt.

We have to take a look at some of the things that happened in our lives and understand that The Lord uses everything and He wastes nothing.

Everyone can look at your own experiences through life and recognize what has benefited us, and look at the things we’ve encountered and the people we’ve encountered that have shaped us knowingly or unknowingly. We may not know that they have shaped us until years later.

So every person we meet, everything that we are involved with, shapes our lives in some fashion, and, believe it or not, we – you – shape other people. You shape them. Everyone you come in contact with touches them, shapes them, changes them. And you may not even know it. You may not know that somebody across the room saw you, and it changed them. They saw the way you responded to somebody; they saw the way you picked up a child; they saw the way you did something; the way you treated your family member, or the way you did something when you thought no one was looking.

Growing in Character is Often a Painful Process

No matter what you have had to go though in the past. No matter how painful it was or still is, we change because He is great. And even what the enemy tries to do that is meant to destroy us, God turns into greatness. That’s really what a living God does. That’s really who we serve. That’s really, really what we are all about.

We gain strength from our past, and God intended it to be that way. It wasn’t His perfect will necessarily, but He did work it out in the process. He basically said, “No matter what the enemy does to you, I’m going to make it really good! No matter what he does to you, I’m going to make it really good!

God didn’t do those things to us. There are and have been horrendous things happen to some of you; God didn’t do those things to you, but He will use it and make you stronger, He will make it really good! God didn’t put in the heart of Joseph’s brothers the anger they felt towards him; the enemy did, but God made it really good! It is all in how we respond to that which happened to us. Had Joseph responded in bitterness, everything would have been different. But because he didn’t, he recognized the influence of others that shaped his life.

And it wasn’t just his brothers; what about Potiphar’s wife? And he chose NOT to get bitter. Each and every time he chose not to get bitter, because he recognized, “This is the will of God. This is going to work out good. I may not particularly be happy about it, but I do know it is the will of God and its going to work good”.

And that’s what I’ve learned in my life.

I may not be particularly happy, fond, of what the enemy did to me, but I really am going to be fond about what God is going to do with it.

I am going to be happy about that.

What God is going to do with what the enemy does, is going to be good.

Genesis 50:20 says: “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today”.

Don’t be discouraged as it is time to fly higher and rise above what looks like obstacles. I leave you with some great quotes..

God has you!

God didn’t do those things to us

“Lose your fear of the unknown because you are in the grip of sensitivity, and God is holding your hand.” – Graham Cooke

“Offense is totally unproductive, it steals your peace, your joy, your energy, your power… & yet it produces nothing”. – Joyce Meyer

“Satan is constantly trying to get us offended, because if we take that bait then we come into his trap”. – Joyce Meyer

“When it comes to relationships with others, forgiveness is key”.  – Joyce Meyer

“Choice says that we don’t have to live by how we feel”. – Joyce Meyer


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