Grace is the Empowering Presence of God

“God can do in a moment what we cannot do in a lifetime”. – Joyce Meyer

Abiding in Christ begins by talking with Jesus, applying His promises to our lives, and setting our hearts to obey His leadership.

Jesus is The Perfect Leader! When we follow Jesus we arrive at the correct destination and fulfill our destiny. The plan of the evil one is to distract you long enough that you find you have wandered of course. Then the enemy tries to deceive you with his lies.

You are serving a King who never loses a battle. He will win the battle for you. Gods Lamb is the Victorious One. – Revelation 7:14 TPT

Let go and let GodWell my friend, I have great news for you – there is always mercy for your mistakes. You know that God can make a miracle out of a mess. Then He takes our mess and makes it His Message.

Call on His Grace,  His Empowering Presence of God and He will set you back on the correct path.

If you feel stuck try getting out of your daily routine, this will help you get the new perspective you need. Take a drive or walk and listen. Stay in faith. The Lord has amazing plans ahead for you this week!

Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become the person that God sees when He looks at you.” – Graham Cooke

You weren’t created to be ordinary or to struggle through life. You were created to excel. You have a destiny to fulfill” – Joel Osteen


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