God is Here for You

We need to hang around people that pour water on the fires of our fears, and throw gasoline on the passions of our dreams. – Kris Vallotton

God is here for you

You have all that you need to succeed so don’t let people and negative thoughts keep you from stepping in to your destiny.

God is here for you right now, in a very real way!

Give all your cares and concerns over to Him!!

• Life is about the sheer pleasure of losing fear as a lifestyle, and the joy of not being cautious when God is extravagant.

• Proclamation is for everyone, introvert and extrovert. The truth that sets us free is always rooted in proclamation.

• Confess with your mouth, believe with your heart. – Graham Cooke

Rise above any opposition you feel right now and get God’s new revelation for your situation. God has great things for you! So be encouraged!

When you get up in the morning do not ask, How do I feel? – instead ask, What do I believe?Wendy Backlund

God is here for you and prayer is first of all an opportunity to commune with Him.

Sometimes things just go wrong in order to get you on the right path!

Trust Him in the process!

You have an assignment from The Lord and if you don’t step into who He made you to be then this world won’t be as bright as it should be. The world needs Jesus in You! He wants to shine through you so that everyone you come in contact with will have an encounter with the True Light of the world!

JESUS CHRIST is LORDI pray that God gives the closure and confidence you need to move on and trust in Him! In Jesus’ Name.

Any thought you have that doesn’t inspire hope is under the influence of a lie. – Bill Johnson


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