God is changing the hearts

God is changing the hearts of those around you! Know that He has your situation on His Heart at all times!

You wouldn’t be who you are today or where you are today without going through the difficult times. I know it may be hard but when we are thankful even during hardships He will bless you beyond your comprehension!

You are going into a season where you’re about to experience breakthrough after breakthrough because what you went through didn’t break you!  @RealTalkKim

The Lord will often initiate change in us by offending the area of our soul He seeks to transform. He does not expect us merely to survive this adversity, but to become Christlike in it. — In Christ’s Image Training

When God changes the hearts of people around you who have previously disagreed with you, you’ll find that your enemies have now become your allies.

When I was going through my “Dark Night” and I didn’t understand everything that was happening to me I knew that it was only grace that enables us to think like God thinks. It is by His Grace  that we are enabled us to find the presence of God in all of our circumstances.

I AM is more than you can ask for or think.

I AM that I AM - God is with you


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