How To Discern Cycles In Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself?
  • Can my life become better or will it always be this way?
  • Why do my unsaved friends seem to be doing better than me?
  • Why do the same things happen to me over and over again?
  • When are things going to change?
  • It seems like it’s been this way for ever!
  • Will my children have the same problems I have?
Anytime you find yourself asking these types of questions, you’re in a cycle.
This cycle tells you there are issues in your life that God is dealing with that you haven’t addressed yet.
Any time you find cycles in your life – if you are at the same place today that you were five years ago, you’re in a cycle!
Any time you find a cycle in your life, that means God has taken you around the mountain and you have come right back to the same place again.
  • It may be with a different person, but it’s the same issue
  • It may be with a different pastor, but it’s the same issue
  • It may be with different events, but it is the same issue
There are a thousand things that can make you angry, and if God is working on your anger, He may use all thousand of those to get your attention.
And it comes right back around again.
Any time you have cycles in your life it is because you haven’t dealt with the issue that God has His finger on:
Too often we see a cycle as being something wrong, that somebody hurt us or somebody did something.
We don’t deserve this, How dare they do that to us?
—Instead of saying:
  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • Why does every church or pastor always end up hurting me?
  • Why does every boss that I have treat me this way?
It may be that it is not the church or pastor: It may be us. 
We may be the common denominator in all those issues.
It’s really not the pastor, your father, your mother, or your boss!
Why does every boss that I have treat me like this?” Because we are doing things that we have always done, and God wants us to stop doing them, to make changes!

Can my life become better

This really brings it home. “Is what I am doing going to affect my children?
The answer is YES; it is going to impact them!
If we don’t change, our children will have the same issues that we have.
  • We need to correct this cycle for the sake of our children.
  • The bible says that curses and sin can pass down to third and fourth generation.
  • So we need to deal with these issues now so that our children don’t have to deal with them later.
We don’t think about the consequences and the impact of what we do, because we personalize it, and don’t see the ripple effect ongoing, generation after generation.
All these questions can be answered in one word: CHOICES.


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