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Prophetic Words

If You Have to Keep Pushing Yourself

If you have to keep pushing yourself to do something then it is not your purpose. When we put our trust in God, we trust that He is leading us also. I am not saying that we will always like what He is leading us to do at first but when we trust God –… Continue Reading

Let Everything In Your Life Come into Divine Alignment

Let everything in your life come into divine alignment today – increase, favor, enlargement and victories for His glory. There are some new opportunities that are about to open up for you. This will require taking some time to rest and listen to God and then trusting in the process. Life has a rhythm and a harmony… Continue Reading

The Real Battle Takes Place In Our Mind

The real battle takes place in our mind. What are you dwelling on all day? That’s what you’re attracting. Be careful what you allow yourself to watch. Today because of the internet we have access to and are exposed to images and sights that our parents never had to deal with. Our eyes are the gateway… Continue Reading

God is Here for You

We need to hang around people that pour water on the fires of our fears, and throw gasoline on the passions of our dreams. – Kris Vallotton God is here for you You have all that you need to succeed so don’t let people and negative thoughts keep you from stepping in to your destiny. God is here… Continue Reading

Living in Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean…

Living in forgiveness doesn’t mean we are to forget our past. Rather, seeing it through the blood of Jesus brings freedom and lifts the burden. – Kris Vallotton I recently went through a very painful situation that cost me more then one could imagine. During this very painful situation this word about “Living in forgiveness…” became more real… Continue Reading

He Will Take Away The Sins of the World!

We discover how much God longs for us to know Him as we read and study the scriptures. Jesus is the Living Expression of God, He is The Word! The Word came with skin on as The Perfect Man – The One Divine self-expression and the Fullness of The Glory of God. Jesus was God… Continue Reading